Private Ghost Hunt Parties
J-Adam Smith

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity to do with your friends, family, social group, or fellow office workers?  Would you like to find out if your home has any unwanted guests?


Reserve your OWN Ghost Hunt Party!



$300 for up to 5 guests

$400 for up to 10 guests

$600 for up to 20 guests


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"My friends and I took a private tour of Westwood--my skeptics are now believers!! I would recommend for an outstanding, most memorable night that you will be talking about for years to come."


*****   ~ Deborah Franklin

Psychic Real-Estate Consultations

With the World changing, purchasing Real-estate has become harder and much more challenging.  You are most likely purchasing a Home for your family or are creating your own sanctuary.  You are most likely looking to invest in a property that will last for many generations? 


Don’t make the mistakes of purchasing a Haunted Site aka Money Pit (equally responsible for most property issues).


We all have heard how the times have changed and we also have at least heard one convincing person talking about a haunted experience in our lifetime.  Most of the Time, when a person thinks of Hauntings, they think of episodes of Ghost hunters, Ghost Adventures, and even more Frightening… A Haunting…


Though these TV shows represent some of the Worst Extremes, the chance of having something as powerful as those occurrences in your home are very slim.  Does that mean you are out of the Threat? NO…  Spirits can cause a very uncomfortable home and even structural problems.  This is the results of Energy. All things are made of Energy.  A piece of Wood is made of energy and even we are made of energy.  That means all the above can be susceptible to Hauntings. 


Therefore, could a deemed “Money Pit” be a result of Hauntings? 


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Empathic Energy Healing

Internationally known Holistic Healer and Counselor


Reserve your appointment Today!!



$80 for 30-minutes phone session

$150 for 45-minute face-to-face

$100 for 45-minute phone session

$200 for Energy Healing Session


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"I just recently had a major reading and healing session with J-Adam. He has a unique ability to channel the information about oneself. He gave me accurate personal information about myself, and also,  information that confirmed areas that I felt were true and curious about. During my healing session, J-Adam did a body scan with his hands, and pinpointed every location that I was experiencing pain. His hands warmed, as he pulled the pain from my body. What an experience I have had with this Psychic Medium/Healer. I highly recommend him. Looking forward to my next session.

Thank You J-Adam!  

Joan B.  Lima, OH


"My experience with J-Adam Smith was nothing short of mind blowing! He picked up on things about me that only people who knew me personally would know. His reading of me was accurate and thing things he told me were spot on, and made so much sense to me. I had always been skeptical of psychics in the past. But this experience changed my viewpoint entirely. In addition to his accuracy, J-Adam was very professional and personable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a psychic reading."

 ~  JMS  Lemoore, CA

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