Empathic Energy Healer

indigo child, J-Adam Smith is guided to help the living with their physical, emotional and spiritual blocks so they might heal and experience life to its fullest.  Embracing the challenges which have made him the true gift that he is, he will not boast that he has had a nurtured and accepting life as a Holistic Therapist.  He has and continues to have challenges with connecting with what we call: “The Living”   J-Adam Smith has embraced through lifes challenges;  his true gifts, his unique talents, and has embraced that which set us all apart. 


With his talent of mixing both Science and Belief, J has devised his own unique draw.  He has been deemed “The Psychic  Examiner”, which was given to him by his clients, because of his unique gift of knowing where on his clients body needs the attention,  and his thorough evaluations which encourage healing through body, mind, and spirit.   He leads workshops on developing intuition, connecting to your Angels, and lecturing on the evolution of the Spirit and having discussions with other contemplatives about lifes mysteries.


With his Catholic upbringing, J chooses to connect with that which he is familiar with, in this physical dimension.  As an Ordained Universalist Minister, he is accepting and loving of all beliefs and practices.  And also feels that our own beliefs make us who we are.  We are all Gods children.


While connecting to his Angels, he becomes one with the spirit.



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